Russian ‘Wall-E’ robot aims to increase efficiency in tank cleaning.

Wall-E robot

OTC-TD (Robotic Oil Tank Cleaner – Truck Drive) aka Wall-E.

A new robot, developed by Russian company, Mirrico, could revolutionise the way that storage tanks are cleaned. The first prototype, ROTC-TD (Robotic Oil Tank Cleaner – Truck Drive) affectionately known as “Wall-E” by the developers after the 2008 Disney Cartoon is equipped with CCTV, lighting, drainage and detergent supply systems and is controlled remotely by an operator. The robot can also be equipped with a range of optional equipment (modular scavenge pump, circumrotatory cleaning heads, blade, etc.) and models are planned that can will be able to safely and effectively clean underground as well as land based tanks, vessels and pipelines. This robot is the latest in a series developed by a number of companies around the world including for more examples click here.

Mirrico has been deploying this technology in a pilot project cleaning storage tanks at Gazpromneft-NNG and Samotlorneftegaz facilities in Russia. With the advantages of round the clock cleaning, even in freezing conditions and vastly diminished risk to humans as being highlighted as its positive outcomes.

Further work on improving the technology will concentrate on online provisioning of cleaning information, offering access anywhere in the world, on better remote control and quality control, and on getting analytical data on the volume of recycled sludge and resulting oil products. Founded in 2000, Mirrico work a variety of aspects of the tank storage industry and oil industry at large.

Source: Mirrico. See more in Russian here:


4 thoughts on “Russian ‘Wall-E’ robot aims to increase efficiency in tank cleaning.

  1. Techcorr USA have also been offering a robotic in tank inspection and cleaning service for some years as have a number of other companies. This can offer an effective solution but there are some limitations to the effectiveness such as the number of internal structures inside the tank that act as obstructions e.g. dipping wells, coils, roof legs etc.

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