ADNOC’s Takreer takes the low impedance path to complete tank safety.

takreer_refineriesFor tank storage firms, the risk of a lightning-induced fire event is too potentially damaging to bear. Floating tank storage facilities that have millions of dollars’ worth of product can be destroyed with a single spark. Even worse is the downtime such an event will cause: a possibly lengthy period of investigation and reconstruction that impacts a storage facility’s ability to deliver product to market and generate revenue.

Last year, Takreer, a storage and refinery subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), completed a thorough lightning protection analysis and began transforming its protection profile for floating roof tank storage. Dozens of tanks, while operating efficiently, had potentially faulty lightning protection systems in place: metal shunt and wire systems that are meant to direct charge in the case of a lightning event but are prone to fall into disrepair over time.

“Because Takreer is a very safety – conscious company, they called us and Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. (LEC) for a better lightning protection solution,” said Manoj Nambiar, General Manager of Consilium Middle East Fire Protection and Safety operations. “As a company that handles high volumes of storage, Takreer has to be very progressive about making sure their facilities are protected.”

Read the full case study by clicking here. 

Consilium_WebLogoManoj K. Nambiar, General Manager, Oil and Gas Division is an expert speaker at and Consilium are an Exhibitor at Tank World Expo, 14-15 April 2014 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Join over 1000 attendees, 100 expert speakers and 80 exhibitors and book your place today. 

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