Expert View: Above ground oil storage tanks.

Consilium Image

Typical Leakwise applications in a fuel storage terminal (GE Analytical Instruments)

Tank World today welcomes guest contributor, Consilium which  develops products and systems for the Oil & Gas and Marine industry. Consilium provides state of the art engineering solutions for Oil & Gas, Marine and Power sectors. The Middle East operation encompasses and headquarters the Group’s Oil & Gas business which includes automation solutions, Fire protection and safety systems and Lightning protection solutions for storage tank terminals. Today Consilium offers Tank World readers a free to download Application Note focussing on Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks provided by GE Analytical Instruments…

This free to download Application Note features insights into:

1. Ground Water Monitoring

2. Floating Roof Drainage Pipe Monitoring

3. Tank Bunded (Diked) Area

4. Monitoring Oil Separators

5. Water Treatment Discharge Monitoring

6. Monitoring Offshore Terminal

To read the full Application Paper provided by GE Analytical Instruments click here.

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Consilium_WebLogoManoj K. Nambiar, General Manager, Oil and Gas Division is an expert speaker at and Consilium are an Exhibitor at Tank World Expo, 14-15 April 2014 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Join over 1000 attendees, 100 expert speakers and 80 exhibitors and book your place today. 

To find out more about Consilium and how they can work with you please visit


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