Facility Focus: Zeeland Seaports (Netherlands)

Zeeland SeaPortsToday Tank World profiles Zeeland Seaports, a European hub and gateway for handling of liquid bulk in the Netherlands. The two ports Vlissingen and Terneuzen which make up the Zeeland Seaports are ideally located , right between Rotterdam and Antwerp, with free access to the open sea and a first-rate network of road, rail, pipelines and inland waterway links to the hinterland of Europe. Even the largest seagoing vessels are able to call Zeeland Seaports with a minimum of deviation from main shipping routes and without tidal restrictions. In addition, the ports handle a wide range of short sea and inland vessels providing a comprehensive network of cargo services right across Europe.

Flexibility, speed, quality and customer friendliness are other reasons for more and more companies to choose Zeeland Seaports as their strongest link to Europe. With plenty of space for development, Zeeland Seaports has ample opportunities for future growth. Zeeland Seaports and its experienced staff look forward to helping customers develop and grow their business.

Zeeland Seaports has various dedicated terminals for all cargo segments. Liquid bulk continues to play an important role in the ports of Zeeland. That is apparent, among others, from the investments various companies like Vopak, Vesta Terminals, Oiltanking, Total and Lukoil have made in the liquid bulk sector in recent times. Despite the adverse economic climate, they chose precisely this period to build on their future, Apart from the storage and handling of petrochemical products, vegetable oils and fats, Zeeland Seaports also welcomed a new storage facility for liquid fertilizers.

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Whenever possible, the Zeeland Seaports port authority supports these new developments. The jetty capacity of Oil Tanking in the port of Terneuzen has been extended substantially, to improve handling capacity and accommodate even larger ships. Zeeland Seaports is also investing in a sustainable future through Biopark Terneuzen and Bio Base Europe, dedicated to the handling, production and development of biofuels and alternative energy.

I ask Peter Geertse, Commercial Manager Liquid Bulk of Zeeland Ports to give us some furhter insights. Peter started as commercial manager at Zeeland Seaports 6 years ago, after working in the shipping industry for 23 years. With extensive training in Commercial Economics, Port Management, Shipping and Transport. Responsibilities at Zeeland Seaports include Liquid bulk, Offshore, Energy, sustainability projects and Bio Based Economy I asked him firstly, what are some of the trends that you are seeing in the business of storage in Northwestern Europe?

Peter Geertse; “In Northwestern Europe we see a shift from refining and production to logistics. While more production moves closer to the source, the oil producing countries, there is an increasing demand for storage, blending and distribution of finished products in Europe. Biofuels and alternative fuels such as LNG and CNG are changing the market rapidly, asking for more variety of (smaller) tanks and blending facilities, compared to traditional storage of crude oil. Also sulphur content regulations in Europe requires more added value services from tank terminal operators which has an impact on the market.“

And secondly, I asked Peter outline some of the challenges and opportunities ahead: “Our main challenge is to provide companies with sufficient (environmental) space, quay and jetty capacity, as there is more and more demand to accommodate larger ships and benefit from economies of scale. Also European policy on Biofuels and alternative energy has a huge impact on the market and new investments. But then again, this is definitely the more exciting part as well. With more and more variety of fuels and energy, the market becomes more dynamic and the ports who are able to adept will have a bright future.”


Peter Geertse, Commercial Manager Liquid Bulks, Zeeland Ports is an expert speaker at Tank World Expo, 14-15 April 2014 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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