Inside the Industry: Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)


The Horizon Terminals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), facility in Tangier, Morocco. (Pic courtesy of ENOC).

Since its establishment in 1993, ENOC has grown significantly into an increasingly broad range of business ventures and now owns directly or indirectly more than twenty subsidiaries. The group operates through five business segments; Supply, Trading & Processing (condensate and gas processing and oil trading), Marketing (of aviation fuel, lubes, chemicals and industrials product), Retail (Retailing fuel and non-fuel services at retail stations), Exploration & Production (Development and production of oil and gas) and Terminals. In the words of Saeed Khoory, Chief Executive Officer ““ENOC provides the energy behind Dubai’s phenomenal growth. Supporting the oil, chemicals, gas, aviation, shipping, liquid storage, information technology, retail, travel and real estate industries, the Group touches almost every facet of the emirate’s development and puts its name firmly on the overseas arena.” But it is of course, terminals on which Tank World is focussing on today.

Drawing on the growth of the United Arab Emirates as a strategic hub for global trade and aimed at meeting the fast-growing demand for bulk liquid terminalling, ENOC created Horizon Terminals Limited (Horizon) in 2003. Operating from UAE as a holding company, Horizon consolidated the company’s existing terminalling investments and is expanding the business globally.

Horizon has petroleum and chemical storage facilities across the UAE. The independent chemical terminal in Jebel Ali, UAE, caters to the widest range of bulk liquid chemical products handled in the region, both for inland consumption and for re-exports. The terminal’s Jebel Ali facility has a capacity of 54,401 cubic meters through 59 tanks. Additional facilities provided by the terminal include heating and chilling for the tanks and bulk liquid nitrogen for blanketing, inerting and pigging. The terminal has eight stainless steel blend vessels with 200 cubic horizontal buffer storage tanks and dedicated loading gantries and recirculation facility.

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A joint venture of Horizon and Chevron, EPPCO International (EIL) principally handles domestic fuels such as gasoline, diesel gasoline, fuel oil, asphalt and MC asphalt supplies. Meeting the aviation requirements of Dubai and the Northern Emirates it offers bunkering, re-exports and strategic defence storage. With a capacity of 936, 755 cubic metres through 55 tanks, the terminal located in Jebel Ali is also central to the business segment operations in the UAE.

Since its incorporation, Horizon has also expanded from its terminals in UAE and Saudi Arabia as of 2003, to now cover Singapore, South Korea, Djibouti and Morocco.

Horizon’s flagship subsidiary, Horizon Singapore Terminals Private Limited (HSTPL) is incorporated in Singapore. It is situated on Jurong Island, the petrochemical hub of Singapore and the world’s top bunkering port by volume. The strategic location of the Terminal on the south-western quadrant of Singapore provides for smooth marine traffic movements for tanks that call at the Terminal, ranging from Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC) to small bunker barges. With a total capacity of 1,252,184 cubic metres through 59 tanks, the terminal addresses the storage, handling and blending requirements of oil companies of majors, traders and bunkering companies.

Another major facility is found in Arabtank Terminals Limited, located in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom’s first independent storage facility and with ‘bonded storage status’. The terminal has a total capacity of 287,828 cubic meters built on 26 tanks for storing petroleum and chemical products.

Whilst in Djibouti, on the Straits of Bab el Mandeb, Red Sea is the Horizon Djibouti Terminals Limited which serves one of the world’s major shipping lanes and a vital trade route as well as access to the Horn of Africa’s local markets. Other associate and join ventures include terminals in South Korea and the Port of Tangiers in Morocco.

With such a broad portfolio and ambitious goals it’s no wonder that ENOC / Horizon aims to become the largest independent terminal service provider in bulk oil storage in the Middle East, Africa and the Mediterranean while maintaining a leading position in the Far East region.


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