Technology focus: PROTEGO® VD/TS Combination Pressure/Vacuum Vent with integrated Flame Arrester.

VD-TS freigestelltToday Tank World talks to PROTEGO® about their VD/TS Combination Pressure/Vacuum Vent with integrated Flame Arrester which is helping minimises costs and time spent on tank vent maintenance across the industry.  Since 1954 PROTEGO® has built and provided safety devices and tank equipment, and has grown to have over 450 employees worldwide. They provide global services for customers, which include research and development, application-specific engineering, and overall protection system design for process engineering, the petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries and the bio-energy sector.


Manpower reduction means less available time for proper maintenance and inspection of tank safety equipment. Many manufacturers’ p/v-vent with flame arresters are not ‘maintenance friendly’ and it becomes a time consuming task just to perform an inspection. In many cases, two people are required to remove the p/v-vent so that the flame arrester can be inspected. Sometimes a crane is required for removal of the conservation vent to allow access to the flame arrester.

VD-TS neue Haube bunt ohne MaßeSolution

The PROTEGO® VD/TS is a combination pressure/ vacuum conservation vent with integrated flame arrester in one compact unit. The 0.4“thick flame filter disc can be easily inspected „in-place“, by simply removing the side mounted weather hood. Because the flame filter® is only exposed to tank vapours while the tank is out-breathing, the likelihood of clogging is significantly reduced. The typical manufacturers´ arrangement results in tank vapour contact with the flame filter 100% of the time, therefore, increasing clogging potential and frequency of required maintenance.

Additional Benefit

The PROTEGO® p/v-vent only requires 10% overpressure above the pressure setpoint for the weight-loaded pallet to fully open. The typical weight-loaded pallet conservation vent requires 80 -100% overpressure above the pressure setpoint to reach full lift. By using the 10% overpressure technology according to API 2000 higher vent pressure setpoints can be used compared to an 80% or 100% overpressure vent, resulting in reduced emissions and vapour loss according to API 2521.

Protego_WebLogoPROTEGO® will be exhibiting and CEO Dr Michael Davies, CEO, will be speaking along with over 100 industry leaders at Tank World alongside 1000 attendees and 70+ exhibitors in Dubai , 14-15th April 2014.  Tank World is the leading exhibition and congress where global tank storage leaders do business. For more on PROTEGO® and how they can develop solutions for you click here.


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