Scottish oil storage tank produces world record echo.


A Royal Naval Fuel Tank Inchindown where the world’s longest echo has just been produced. (Image courtesy of

A bit of a quirky story for Tank World today…. An oil tank in the Scottish Highlands has earned a place in the record books after producing the world’s longest echo. Lasting an incredible 75 seconds, the reverberation smashed the previous record by more than a minute. Acoustic scientists emerged from the Inchindown oil storage tanks, in Rosshire, Scotland – an underground fuel depot constructed during World War II, with proof that a gun-shot fired inside the tunnel is a Guinness World Record. Inchindown consists of six caverns or cells excavated in the rock together with two access tunnels. Each tank is 237 metres long x 9.14 metres x 13 metres and has a capacity of 5.6 million gallons. The cells are separated by 15 metre thick walls of intact rock and lined with an 18 inch thick layer of concrete. The service tunnels are also partially lined with concrete and contain the pipelines below floor level.

The Inchindown complex was excavated and built between 1939 and 1941 to keep a huge bomb-proof supply of furnace oil for the Royal Navy out of reach of long-range German Luftwaffe bombers during World War II. Inchindown’s six tanks were reportedly at full capacity during the Falklands War between the UK and Argentina in 1982 but the depot was decommissioned and finally closed in 2002.

Guinness World Records has certified the findings made by Trevor Cox, Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford and author of the recently published Sonic Wonderland: A Scientific Odyssey of Sound. The 75-second reverberation handsomely beat the previous world record – held by Hamilton Mausoleum, South Lanarkshire, also in Scotland – which managed 15 seconds.


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