Omanoil’s Port of Duqm bunkering facility to be ready by 2016.

As the Oman OiPort of Duqml Marketing Company (omanoil) celebrates its ten year anniversary it also confirms that the $50 million-bunkering terminal at Port of DuqmDuqm port will be completed within two to three years. Addressing the media the company’s chief executive officer Eng Omar bin Ahmed Salim Qatan said “It is in the design stage and construction will start in 2014 and then it takes another two years to complete the project.”

omanoil recently signed two agreements — a bunkering licence and land lease pact — with Port of Duqm to develop a bunkering terminal and provide refuelling services at the port. This terminal will provide heavy fuel oil and marine diesel oil, as well as marine lubricants to ships calling at the port and surrounding waters.

“Our efforts are centred on enhancing Oman’s global competitiveness and diversifying the nation’s economy through strategic partnerships. We have, and will continue to design our business objectives to reinforce the country’s developmental ambitions and serve landmark projects with complete and customised fuel package solutions.” Eng. Salim Qatan told the Oman Times.

Founded in 2003, with the opening of its first filling station, omanoil now boasts 151 across the country along with a convenience store chain ‘ahlain’ and in 2010 l fortified its marine business by signing a landmark agreement with its joint venture partner from Germany to form Matrix Marine Holdings and today, it is the sole active bunker fuel supplier in the Port of Sohar.

Peter Broers, CEO of the Port of Duqm will be speaking at Tank World Expo in Dubai on April; 14-15 2014 along with 75 other tank industry leaders.


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