Facility Focus: Alexandria Chemicals Terminal, Egypt

alexandriachemicalsterminalalxct_Picture1.jpg_300x225Today we focus on the first bulk chemicals storage and handling terminal built on the Egyptian Mediterranean coast, the Alexandria Chemicals Terminal. The development of the terminal began in 2004 when Obegi Chemicals and Samir Fahmy Group saw a need for a dedicated terminal emerging from the increasing demand for bulk chemicals in Egypt of which 95% were imported. Not only did this put high costs on the local manufacturers but also increased prices for consumers. After careful selection, Alexandria was chosen for its ideal situation for importation and distribution logistics and proximity to the industrial areas in the northern part of the country.

Following 15 months construction, the first stage incorporated 14 above ground storage tanks (total capacity of 17000 cubic meters) all fitted to the most advanced safety, security and environmental standards. The tanks are equipped with measuring and controlling devices as well as alarm and fire-fighting systems. As part of environmental protections, the tanks are surrounded with well-isolated concrete dikes to contain any accidental spillage and prevent chemical waste from going into the drain system, underground water resources, or into the sea.

The facility is currently expanding in line with the increasing demand for bulk chemicals. This expansion is set to add an additional 13 storage tanks and capacity of 38,500 cubic meters to make the total capacity of the terminal 54,600 cubic meters with an aim of opening in mid-2014.


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