PROFILE: Captain Tarun Arora and Chemoil facility at Fujairah

FChemoil tankujairah, one of the United Arab Emirates seven sheikhdoms, lies outside the Persian Gulf on the Gulf of Oman and this strategic location, avoiding the choke-point at Hormuz makes it attractive to traders and operators. As a result Fujairah is now one of the top three bunkering ports in the world along with Rotterdam and Singapore. The new facility at Fujairah is operated by GPS Chemoil, a joint venture between Gulf Petrol Supplies, a subsidiary of the Fujairah National Group, and Singapore-listed global marine fuel supplier Chemoil.

The GPS Chemoil’s Phase I facility at Fujairah was operational in 2007 and with expansion in Phases II & III, the capacity was enhanced to 95,000 cbm. Commissioning of Phase IV in April 2013, has further enhanced GPS Chemoil’s storage capacity by 603,800 cbm. GPS Chemoil currently has a total oil storage capacity of 698,800 cubic meters in Fujairah, spread over 30 tanks. The new facility is equipped with the very latest technology including optimized automation, energy management systems, security and environmental protection features.

We asked Captain Arora about their environmental procedures “The environment protection is very important for our terminals’ operational activities and we go above and beyond the minimum requirements in procedures and equipment, to ensure that environment protection gets highest priority along with Safety.”

Captain Arora added that it was “a very rewarding experience to be involved in building an oil storage facility from scratch and we are proud of what we currently offer and are excited about our future expansion and continuing growth plans, which shall keep pace with development of the Port of Fujairah and the Emirate of Fujairah that is set to become a major energy hub of the region, over the coming years.”

For more on Chemoil in Fujairah click here.


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